About Us

CANADIAN HINDU AWARENESS FOUNDATION (CHAF) was established when few like minded Hindus came together to accomplish one of the root motto of Hinduism 'Serving all the communities along with Hindus' considering the popular sanskrit sermon Vasudaiv Kutumbakam.

CHAF is here to serve the community, enlighten the youth about our culture, render service to new immigrants, seniors and unemployed without discrimination. As such the following aims and objectives were considered to be served on priority.

1. Primary Education to all.
2. Support services for Senior Citizens.
3. Support services for New Immigrants.
4. Support services for Unemployed individuals.
5. Support services for Homeless.

All of us have a strong determination to do lots more than these, and to accomplish that we need your financial support. This organization is on it's way to get official charitable trust certificate from the Government, so that
you'll get an official receipt upon donation which can be claimed while filing tax return.